Company profile

Company Profile

MENA Capital Holding is a private shareholding company established in Kuwait in December 2006 by the region’s leading Asset Management firm and other prominent investors.

The Company was established to offer its investors the opportunity to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by participating in select real estate and related debt investments, non-performing loans, distressed assets and select commercial and residential development opportunities in special situations.Our goal is to identify unique deal sourcing opportunities with a broad and diverse strategy for attaining acceptable performance levels.

MENA Capital’s current investment portfolio balances growth/strategic investments targeting short to medium-term growth, and an income generating investment allocation to ensure a stable and sustainable income for the Company while safeguarding its liquidity position.The Company enjoys a very strong financial position, a refocused business model with a clear strategy, and an improved corporate governance framework.

MENA Capital Holding has built a strong foundation for its existing and future operations for the years ahead and is fully geared to meet the challenges of the ongoing investment cycle.